Positions on Issues

Hey, I didn’t vote for that!

Sound Transit is the largest tax increase in Tacoma history.  Let’s get serious about moving the population, not gilding the pockets of bureaucrats.

Expunge nonviolent marijuana convictions.

Expunge records of all nonviolent marijuana convictions.

Overfund Education.

Start from Square One on funding education.

Responsible Gun regulations.

No assault weapons. No high capacity magazines. No bump stocks. Annual user licensing.

Plan regional growth

Make us a model not mayhem



Embrace Rosa Parks.

She stands for all of us. Pierce was a southern sympathizer. Replace this recognition with a woman of unquestioned grit.

Close McNeil Island

Washington’s most expensive nursing home. Let’s explore new uses.

Love First Responders.

They are there in the “Golden Hour”.  Celebrate them and make them our heroes.

Parks and more parks.

The physical, psychological, emotional, mental and ecological effects of parks is undeniable. A penny invested flows back a million times.